miércoles, 17 de junio de 2009

Evil Reaper v 1.3.5 in the Updater Server.

If you have one old Evil Reaper 1.0.5 rezz it and in one moment you will receive the new version 1.3.5.

This version is very incomplete, but even so, it is much better than the old version 1.0.5

What remains to be done?. The most evident at the moment is:
  • The radar should send probes to detect any avatar in an entire region. These probes must be very smart to deal with land not allow the entry of or do not have execute permissions for scripts.
  • HUD must operate in areas that do not allow execution of scripts. Currently, it does, but only works with scripts that are on the main prim. Fortunately I know how to solve.

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