miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

New: The All Terrain Building

There is a new prefab for sale. You can found it in Xstreetsl. The outward appearance is nothing special, and you can found many squared with corners rounded buildings in Secondlife.

However, this building has something special: I have added the first version of a very powerful control panel. This control panel implements one idea never seen before in SecondLife. With this control panel i can select or deselect individual prims or one set of prims for change texture, color and transparency. A building can be converted into an authentic chameleon and owner can add more textures.

In this version, the control panel is equipped with one parcel radio and access control. In the next versions i will add security systems, visit counter, greeter, notecard and landmark giver, ...

You can see this building in world here

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