domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

Evil Reaper HUD. New update.

I've been working several weeks in the Evil Reaper HUD with the aim of reducing the number of scripts and reduce lag. I deleted all the scripts of the buttons, combo box, and map and have centralized all in the main prim. Thus I have managed to reduce the number of scripts from 69 to 7. Collaterally, have eliminated the need for the vast majority of linked messages and the HUD works much faster. Even when there is lag.

The new version is the 1.4.5. The list of changes is here:

* Reduced the number of scripts in HUD from 69 to only 7. The Milliseconds reduced from 0.7 to 0.1. (Measured in one void SIM)

* Almost all functions in HUD work now in no script zone.

* ADDED support for Emerald radar.

* ADDED Reflect and Follow. Only in the same SIM.

* ADDED Panic options.

* Resolved bug in followers that permits to return with one trick.

* REMOVED the sound in push attack.

* Changed all warpPos() with safeJumpPos() in vehicle and followers.

This version is still work in progress. The next objective is reduce the number of prims.