sábado, 16 de junio de 2012

Another extension of the mall.

The enlargement of 8128 meters square, doubles the existing area. 8 new buildings are the same style as those in Garden Mall The difference is that these buildings are higher.

This picture is the one that i use in the teleporter.

domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

Catching up

Many changes have occurred since the last time I wrote a little over a year.  I have developed tons of products and some other building, but I have not even released for sale. I hope to do in late summer.
Also I have tons of stuff removed from marketplace because they have become obsolete due to improvements in the lsl scripting language.

I have opened two new malls, one in "Agapema". This mall specializes in gardening. The other mall is located in the region "Velda" and is general purpose.

I have also expanded the mall in the region Venufalat, but I have not added rental boxes because the old zone is very incomplete.

Finally I opened a blog on http://jjvalero.posterous.com to post photos. This new blog is not commercial.

Spike Trap

New product can be found at Venufalat. Is completely done in mesh. You can resize and can change the textures to camouflage. This trap does not cause any damage, it's just a joke but the script is modifiable so that could be integrated with any damage system.

The land impact is 29 when trap is active and 9 when is not active.