domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2009

Working on .... Digital Clock 2.0

Almost 2 years since the last upgrade. There are many desired new features such as:

  • Compile in mono.
  • Display in AM/PM mode or military mode.
  • Timezone detection for Europe and other sites. Currently only detected for U.S. and can fail if LL decides put servers in another region of the planet.
  • Refactorize, separate the core script in two or more scripts, one for the clock and other for display. This will allow me to have the same script in different types of clock (analog, digital, ...)
  • More textures for digits. Currently there are four.
  • Substitute commands chat by dialog boxes.

In the photo the 1.1 digital clock at the left, (the prim have 3 faces in one side), and the new with 5 faces in the same side. Do you have a suggestion for improvement?. Any new feature?, this is the time for inclusion.