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All my things temporarily removed from Marketplace.

Almost everything I have, except for cheap things, has an update script inside. That script stopped working because the creator stopped marketing it and closed its website. I am currently creating my own update server. The development is slow. PHP is a hell for those of us who are used to languages compiled with strong typing. Sometimes an error writing the name of a variable makes me waste a lot of time until I realize it.Due the variables do not need to be previously declared, instead of notifying me of an error it is simply a new variable When everything is tested and working I will update all my things one by one, at the same time that I publish new developments. At the same time I will be adding all those things to Marketplace.

Reading headers in a PHP script

When an http request is made from a script within a secondlife to an external web server, the simulator adds some headers such as X-Secondlife-Shard or X-Secondlife-Owner-Key. In this way I save the work of having to send that data in the POST. There are many examples doing a few searches. One of the most popular codes uses a huge "if" to distinguish when the variables arrive in Apache form or arrive entirely in uppercase with the prefix "HTTP_". I distrust that solution for being Spaghetti code. Another more elegant solution reimplements the apache_request_headers () function by checking before it does not exist. Only one problem, in my environment it does not work. This function is implemented but the headers from secondlife are in uppercase format. Finally I had to create my own version. I include the code of two PHP scripts and an lsl script. File: slHeaders.php    The following file is included as is on the web server < ? PHP class SlData