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My marketplace restored

I have added a few products to my marketplace. Little by little I will be adding more products. Basically those that do not require an update script until I have finished implementing my own update system.

At the same time they are also in the new section of my store.

On the right side of the photo are the lifting platforms. One to go up and another to go down. But the upper levels are empty.

snippet - Limit floats numbers and vectors to 2 digits.

Two little LSL functions to limit floats to only 2 digits.

string float2Str(float in){return(string)((integer)in)+"."+(string)((integer)((in -(integer)in)*100));} string vector2Str(vector v){return"<"+ float2Str(v.x)+", "+ float2Str(v.y)+", "+ float2Str(v.z)+">";}default{ state_entry(){} touch_start(integer total_number){ vector v =<215.7509,235.845750,4001.50356>; llOwnerSay((string) v +" ======= "+ vector2Str(v));}}

If you wants less or more decimals you must modify the float2Str function and change the 100 by 10 if you want only 1 decimal or 1000, 10000, etc if you want more decimals.